Why You Should Buy Mature Trees

If you want a flourishing garden but don’t want to put in years of hard work tending to your plants and impatiently watching them grow, don’t lose hope, there is a solution! Buying mature trees can give you your dream garden straight away without having to put in the labour of pruning, fertilising, and pest control.

5 Reasons to Purchase a Mature Tree

Mature trees can provide more benefits than young trees, these are five ways that you will see the difference in your life.

1. Help to save on energy costs

Large mature trees can be a great way to help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They can shade your house from the sun as well as protecting you from the harsh winter wind. They are a great natural way to help take the edge off the cold winter months. Considering the rising prices of energy, these mature trees can be a great investment if they are placed correctly- every little bit you save can help.

2. Add value to your house price

If you are considering selling your home in the near future, a young plant will not grow to the point where it can start to add value to the property. A mature tree is, again, a great investment to increase the value of your home by adding curb appeal and giving the sense of beauty that a sapling does not achieve.

3. Offset your carbon footprint

We’ve all started to think a bit more about our impact on the planet, and a good way to help make a difference to your carbon footprint and the air pollution in your area is by introducing mature trees into your garden. They take in much more carbon dioxide than younger plants are able to.

4. Require less pruning

The hard work has already been done with a mature tree, you don’t have to worry about the careful pruning to establish a strong network of branches. The aesthetic needs only to be maintained, not painstakingly trained to your liking over a long period of time.

5. Look more appealing

A mature tree has already had years and years of growth to achieve its magisterial qualities. Fewer mature trees make more of an impact than multiple saplings so can be a really great way to boost the grandeur of your garden. You can sit back and admire your thriving garden without the years of upkeep when you plant a young tree.

Quality Trees For Sale

Hassett Plant Centre has the perfect mature trees to create beautiful spaces in your own home. Their trees are competitively priced and available in sizes that you can’t find in your average garden centre.

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