Real Cut Christmas Trees available Nov/Dec

Quality Low Needle Drop Trees

Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are the best variety for retaining their needles until Christmas and in some cases well into the new year, that is why they are the only variety that we stock. We have trees ranging from 3ft up to 8ft tall.
If the tree you choose is too big to fit in your vehicle, we can offer delivery throughout Northamptonshire and surrounding locations such as Buckingham, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Leicestershire. Delivery charges may apply.

Knowledgeable helpful team to help you select a tree.

When choosing a tree always measure the space that you have in your home to make sure that the tree that is chosen will fit. Because the trees are a natural product each tree is different so if you want a narrower tree let us know and we will help you look through our selection. If you would like us to trim the bottom of the tree to freshen the cut we are happy to do this, just ask.

Keep your tree looking good all season.

Cut Christmas trees should be treated like a large cut flower, try and keep them as cool as possible for as long as possible, and when they are put into the house turn off the radiator next to the tree if you can.
Freshen the cut at the base of the tree and keep the tree standing in a stand that holds water, this water will need to be topped up regularly.




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