Quality Conifers perfect for all seasons

Add texture and structure to your garden with evergreen, coniferous trees

If you’re tired of your garden looking dull and grey during the winter, coniferous trees could be perfect for you. These evergreens do not lose their leaves seasonally, making them a vibrant and unique addition to any garden. If you’re a landscaper, a property developer or simply someone wishing to enhance their own space, Hassett Plant Centre offers great value on a range of conifers.

Convenient and reliable service

When you choose Hassett Plant Centre for your coniferous trees, you can be confident you will receive not only a quality product but friendly, knowledgeable and efficient customer service. With delivery available throughout Northamptonshire and surrounding locations such as Buckingham, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Leicestershire, you can receive exceptional plants at your convenience for your domestic or commercial gardening. Delivery charges apply.

Huge range of gorgeous conifers

Coniferous trees can boost the appearance of your garden year round. With many different varieties and colours available, you will be able to create exactly what you want. Low maintenance and with a range of stunning green, gold, and blue shades to choose from, at Hassett Plant Centre our conifers are ideal for a centrepiece or for planting in the borders of your garden.






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